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Our founder Ingrid Romero has done it all she is a 30x cover featured International Fitness Model, IFBB PRO Fitness Competitor, Fitness coach, Entrepreneur, Wife and Mother of 2 twin boys. Training & Fitness Magazine called her "one of the most recognized faces in the fitness industry," and "one of the most accomplished female fitness stars ever." being a working mother of 2 boys and hectic work schedule she understands balancing life is hard but not impossible, she is an inspiration to all women that once thought looking good, feeling sexy and being healthy was impossible, Because of this she has worked closely with our laboratory experts to create The Perfect Premium Weight-loss System on the market, FORMULATED FOR WOMEN BY WOMEN SHOP BY YOUR GOALS BELOW

ALL IN 1 for her

Our ALL IN 1 WEIGHT LOSS SYSTEM provides the 360 supplements needed for optimal weight loss,health, energy and mood, taking into consideration your hectic schedule we have created a step by step blueprint on how and when to take each of our products

Transform Yourself


We've all been there feeling bloated out of energy and just feeling a mess. Our Pro Slim Stack for her is one of the most effective product stacks on the market for the price you can't beat it. is the perfect combination of water loss and fat burning essentials. a MUST HAVE stack in your fight against fat.

let's burn some fat


Have you been feeling sore for days after your workouts and starting to lose motivation to return to the gym? This Pro Recovery Stack for her includes the most advanced quality protein and amino acid complex with our INSTAMINO Vegan BCAA 2:1:1 AND CocOganic Full Hydration Instricate

recover faster

All day energy for her

What if you could wake up ready to crush your days from sunrise to sunset? All day clean energy is necessary not only during busy work days at the office but to enjoy time after hours. Our Pro Energy Stack for her will get you moving and keep you moving all day everyday!

improve your health

Training Programs

You will get an explicit 8-Week Workout Program that includes:
• Fat Blasting HIIT Cardio Workouts
• Tons of Plyometric Exercises
• Yoga and Stretch Program

To top it off, you will get every tool needed to complete the program like boss:
• Comprehensive Meal Plan & Food Index
• Ingrid’s Healthy Recipes
• Vegan Food Preparation Options
• Complete Workout & Stretch Index
• Full Supplement Guide

You will get an explicit 12-Week Workout Program that includes:
• Build Strength
• Drop Sets
• Pyramid Sets

• HIIT and Low Intensity Cardio

• Heart Rate Monitoring

To top it off, you will get every tool needed to complete the program like boss:
• Nutritional Needs Calculation Guide
• Bulking Up Diet Plan
• Leaning Out Diet Plan
• Vegan Food Preparation Options
• 7 Day Peak Week Plan

• Complete Workout Index

You will get an exclusive recipe book for bikini body success.

Are you a fitness and food lover? Do you want to spice up your recipes while getting in amazing shape? Then you have found the perfect e-book! This e-book is the ideal guide for those who want to learn everything there is to know about nutrition and food choices, while enjoying mind-blowing meals that are both healthy and delicious!

You will get all of this and more:

•Recipes for Success

•Look Great and Love Food

•Foods that Hold you Back

•Foods that Help you Succeed

•Shortcuts for Healthy Cooking

You will get an explicit 8-Week Workout Program that includes:

This killer 8-week program will show that home training can be just as effective or even more effective than training at a gym – 


The Regular Program includes 8-Weeks of:

• Resistance Band Training

• Basic Plyometrics

• Cardio Intervals

• Complete Workout Index

• Full 7-day Meal Plan

• Vegan Food Preparation

• Options Mental Strategies for Success

You will get an 8-week program tailored for women who need an effective game plan compatible with the hectic schedule of a busy mother

If you’re ready to take charge of your body, then this program will sculpt your physique with home-based but powerful strength and cardio exercises that require little to no equipment to complete. To make sure you get the most out of your program, you will receive a step-by-step meal plan as well as a number of healthy recipes that the whole family will love.

The Fit Mama E-Book Includes:

•Explicit 8-week training plan

•Strength & Cardio Exercises •Comprehensive Meal Plan (regular and vegan options)

•Inspiration & Motivation

•Organization Tips

•Healthy Recipes (regular and vegan options)

•Complete Workout Index

You will get an exclusive Cook Ebook With 10 delicious and healthy recipes to satisfy your cravings for something sweet,

this book will help you stay on track while meeting all your macro-nutritional needs.

This cookbook includes:

•10 Healthy Recipes

•Amazing Dessert Ideas

•Healthy Ingredient Guide

•Full Macronutrient Listings