4 #edgebooty Band Moves You Need to Try!

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Where are my EDGE girls at?

There’s seriously no piece of equipment that’s more convenient and effective for toning anytime, anywhere! They’re perfect to toss in your gym bag, take on vacay, or keep at work for when you need a edgebooty pump!

And best part…Booty Bands don’t just shape and lift our booty from every angle. They can also work your upper body and core. To get you started, try the #edgebooty Band workout I created for you below.

Tones your booty and legs.

Place the Band (or no band can be performed both ways) around your thighs and lay on your back with your legs bent, feet flat on the floor. Engaging your glutes and core, lift your hips off the ground until your body forms a straight line from your shoulders to your knees. Lift one leg up and push thru your heels to target the hamstrings.

Sculpts your booty and thighs.

Keeping the Band just above your ankles, stand tall with your feet hip-width apart and hands on your hips. Extend your right leg behind you, toe pointed down toward the ground. Engaging your core and keeping your hips square, lift your leg 6 inches off the ground, and return to start position.

Tones your side booty, outer thighs and core.

Begin on all fours with a flat back and Booty Band just above your knees. With your core engaged and hips square to the ground, lift your right knee to the right, then return to start position.

Sculpts your #edgebooty

In your side step, you're just going to be stepping out from side to side, in a squat position. You're going to start off with your feet shoulder width apart and squatting down.

Girls You CAN Build A Booty! You Got This!

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Xo, Ingrid

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