8 Essential Fitness Tips For Brand New Parents

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8 Essential Fitness Tips  For Brand New Parents

1- Ease back into it one step at a time

Having a baby is a life-altering event, and you cannot expect things to be exactly as they were before you became a parent. If you demand too much of yourself right from the start, you may feel disappointed that you cannot live up to your own expectations and get discouraged before you see results. Pregnancy is a huge task for the body, and every woman’s journey before and after motherhood is completely different, so do not compare yourself to anyone else! Thank your body for the miracle it has just created and do your best to help it recover without pushing yourself too hard—your body and your mind will thank you in the long haul!

2- Make workouts simple but effective

Life with a newborn is unpredictable and time consuming, and setting aside an hour or more for workouts that require a commercial gym is recipe for failure for many new mothers. Focus on making your workouts as short and simple as possible while still being effective, with exercises you can perform in the comfort of your home with minimal equipment. You will be amazed at the amount of stuff you can do and the results you can achieve without ever stepping a foot in a gym!

3- Prepare your food ahead of time

It is easy to neglect your own needs when you are all of a sudden responsible for keeping a tiny human being alive 24/7, and eating habits are often one of the first things to go down the drain. Weekly food prep will ensure a healthy nutrition intake and save you from unnecessary stress and blood sugar drops on days when you lack the time or energy to cook.

4- Take walks or jog with the baby

Instead of worrying about fitting regular cardio session into your already packed schedule, take the opportunity to enjoy long walks or jogs with the stroller. It will let you burn calories while helping to soothe a fuzzy baby, making it the perfect win-win for both mother and child!

5- Include your child in the workout

Who says babies don’t like working out? Find ways to include your baby in the workout for a fun fitness experience that will help you get back in shape while also letting you bond with your child. Check online for creative “mommy and me” workouts and you will find an abundance of free resources you can use for inspiration!

6- Split your workout in smaller segments I

Babies are masters of interruption, and it can be difficult to get through even a shorter workout without taking breaks to tend to your baby. The solution is to split your workouts in smaller segments instead of trying to do the whole thing at once—don’t worry, you will still get results if you do a few exercises here and there opposed to one after another!

7- Find another new parent to workout with

Becoming a mom can feel a bit isolating if most of your friends do not have kids, and it can be hard to start over by yourself if you are used to having a workout partner. Try searching for new mommy groups on Facebook or similar to find people you share your fitness journey online or in person—having a great support system will provide you with renewed motivation and keep you on track to reach your goals!

8- Be kind to yourself and let things take time

Don’t beat yourself up if results are slow to appear or if you fall off the horse more than once. Remember that we are often much harder on ourselves than other people, and it is important to learn how to cut yourself some slack now and then. It will take time to find your way in the wonderful and a little daunting landscape that is parenthood, so give yourself a pat on the pack and embrace the journey as much as you can!

“You may not be there yet, but you’re closer than you were yesterday.”

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Please take a moment today to check in with a mama in your life and let her know how freaking beautiful she is ~ inside and out. Ask her if there is anything she needs to reach her goals because you never know if she needs it. To my #edgemamas, always remember how powerful, remarkable, and gorgeous you are! Love you so much!


Ingrid Romero- Edge Supps founder and proud Twin mama!

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