*Announcement* "NO GYM NO PROBLEM" Challenge Winners!

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Hi guys,

I'm SO proud and excited to finally announce the winners of my NO GYM NO PROBLEM Challenge !

Everyone who participated in the challenge made amazing progress - I was really moved to see all the before and after photos and hear about how much more confident and happy people felt when they completed the challenge.

Choosing the winners was really hard! But these three ladies all made really incredible progress, and deserve some special recognition.

Before I introduce them, don't forget that you can still sign upas we made this challenge evergreen and you can enter anytime!

You could be our next success story!

To find out more, just click here

And now, let me introduce you to our #edgechallenge winners!

3️⃣In 3rd place... Michelle LaCroix
This is what she had to say: “Week 8 vs. week 1. Not done yet! Getting ready to signup for the new challenge! Feeling stronger - can see results starting to form especially on my back and legs, not where I want to be yet but making progress.”

Ingrid Romero 8-week-transformation-challenge

2️⃣In 2nd place.. Jackie Sleasman
This is what she had to say:
“I am super proud even if I fell off a couple times, And did not push as hard as I knew I could or should have !! butttt I am thankful for ANY progress !!! 😀. And I’m working on “straightening “ myself out ! You don’t realize how crooked you are until you take pictures !! 😆 ammm I right ?? Also sorry for the hearts ! I posted, then had to add them due to not noticing you can see every outline In this bathing suit!!!! 🤷‍♀️ So thankful for this challenge after baby ! This is 4 months postpartum now and super happy with my MOM bod ! 💕”

Ingrid Romero 8-week-transformation-challenge
1️⃣In 1st place… Rebecca Jones
This is what she had to say:
“Congratulations to everyone on their success and continued persistence through these weeks of hard work and habit changes! I only had a few minutes before work this morning and didn't print out my pages (sorry!). Thank you Ingrid Romero and to your team for for all the support and love through this journey“

Ingrid Romero 8-week-transformation-challenge

Ingrid Romero 8-week-transformation-challenge

This is what you can achieve in 8 weeks with dedication, focus and the right workout/nutrition program! Pretty incredible, right?

Congratulations to all our hugely deserving winners, and to all of you for completing the challenge!

Remember that this is just the start - imagine where you could be in 8 weeks!


Ingrid Romero 8 week transformation challenge

Until next time,


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