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Cardio is considered as one among the most important things that could be done for the body for numbers of purposes like for losing weight, burning fat or improving health. The best thing would be the idea that there are numbers of options for cardio exercises. Those that would make your heart rate into the target heart rate zone could work however there are certain exercises which give you better results. Actually, there is no right cardio exercise and so the best option would be the one that you would enjoy and the one that you are to work with the hardest. Consider the top cardio workouts that might work best for you:
  • 30-60-90 Mixed Interval Workout. This is considered as 40 minutes workout that will take you through HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training which buns tons of calories and helps in building endurance as well as increasing the anaerobic threshold. You could consider doing this into any cardio machine or through other outdoor activities.
  • Burn 300 Calories in 30 Minutes. There would be three workouts that will show you with how to get the most out of the cardio machine workouts. The first workout would be the treadmill work out which will decrease or increase the incline within the entire workout therefore helping you burn more calories and stave off boredom as well. The second work out would use elliptical trainer wherein you are to gradually up the ramps or resistance for almost 6 minutes of intervals lowering for two minutes therefore giving you a killer interval workout. For the last workout, you are to use stationary bike and spend two minutes with increasing the resistance, another two minutes that reduces the resistance and then inserting a minute of sprints in order to really get the heart rate up.
  • 40-20 HIIT Circuit Workout. This is considered as one of the favorite workouts in terms of burning crazy amount of calories. This would include different high impact exercises like burpees, sit and stands as well as long jumps therefore doing each exercise for almost 40 seconds and then resting almost 20 seconds in between. Therefore, you are provided with four sets of great exercises.
  • Elliptical Interval Workout. This killer interval workout could make your elliptical work out a lot more effective and fun. You are to spend two 35 minutes alternating a minute of very hard work along with a minute of rest and throughout the process there will be rest periods not enough to make your heart rate down.
  • High Intensity Aerobic Intervals. One of the best ways in order to burn more calories would be through incorporating interval training however you should not always have to go all out since aerobic intervals could be as effective allowing you to stay in a more comfortable place at the same time pushing you out of the comfort zone.

The above mentioned five workouts are considered as of great options when it comes to the idea of looking for the best cardio workouts or exercises.

Ingrid Romero, EDGE Supps Founder

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