Raw foods could be thrilling when carefully explored. Nonetheless, it could be also stressing to those first learning about it. Lot of recipes contains the use of various kitchen appliances, which are not the staple of each household including food processors, dehydrators and Vitamix blenders. Those factors could deter numerous new raw foods who is looking to find raw food recipes for those beginners, which are easy and fast to handle. Even these recipes might be intimidating at first, there are four easy tips, which could aid beginners to manage complicated recipes and make simple raw food recipes. Tip 1: Recipes that need the help of dehydrator Lot of recipes needs the use of a dehydrator to meet different textures and enable for the illusion of warmth devoid of actually heating food over temperatures, which denatures in the enzyme of the food. While a dehydrator can be a good investment, you might want to make, many raw food recipes for newbies through substituting a dehydrator for a traditional oven. Even though it might be challenging to check the exact temperature of a traditional oven, a person could achieve the same results through setting the oven to its lowest setting as well as cracking leaving the oven door ajar approximately one to two inches. A person could use a thermometer when exact temperature measurements are essential. You must follow the right and original recipe in connection to time required for right dehydration. Tip 2: The solution of Magic Bullet Whether you are planning an advanced gourmet or simple raw recipe for newbies, you will certainly encounter recipes needing the fine grinding and chopping of seeds and nuts. Many recipes might call for a coffee grinder to do the task, and while this is undoubtedly a viable option, you will find many individuals who do not have a personal coffee grinder.  Magic bullet has the same result as a coffee grinder and it could serve two purposes of mixing and blending for other recipes. Tip 3: Freezing and Pre-Planning A normal difficulty encountered with many recipes has to do with the leftovers. Since raw foods don’t have any preservatives, which will lengthen their shelf life, they frequently need to be consumed right away or soon after the preparation. What will you do for the leftovers like food recipes? The answer here is very easy. Pre-planning for meals is the only solution for it. Do your best to understand how much one recipe you are creating and do not be afraid to divide a recipe in half or in thirds if you are afraid to consume the whole thing. Tip 4: One Meal A Day Transitioning first to a raw diet could be daunting. One simple way to lessen the pressure of a fast transition is to do baby steps and begin with one meal a day. You must commit to creating one raw meal every day, which offers you versatility in what you do and lessen the pressure of feeling as you need to switch over a cold-turkey.