Meditation is being considered by many. In a certain aspect, it could be a great tool. It could help to foster physical health, combat stress, make you sleep better, help with chronic pain, be more peaceful and be more present or active. There could be numbers of great things that mediation could provide. But on a serious note, meditation is considered as a doorway to the unknown. It could help us with regards to getting a sense of mystery of who we really are. If you are to consider meditating you might as well learn that the mind is unruly. And so with that, learning certain things that would help you in properly meditating is very important. Consider the following tips on how you are to meditate: Posture There is a need to make sure that the spine is upright along with head up. Once slumped, the mind will drift. Mind as well as body is intertwined. Once the body is well-balanced the mind will also be in balance. In order to straighten up you might consider imagining that your head is touching the sky. Eyes You must try and keep the eyes open for this would allow you be more present. Just lower the eyes and let the gaze be soft. Once you close your eyes you might drift away into the stories and thoughts. Just do things that are comfortable with you. There are some who found it a lot comfortable having their eyes being closed. Focus Meditation is of great way to wake up into our life. To focus in meditation is about paying soft attention to the place in the centre of awareness. Breath could be used as the focus. Counting the Breath Once having hard time with regards to settling you might consider counting your breath which is considered as ancient meditation practice. Silently count your breath and always return to number one once your thoughts have strayed away. It would be great if you are to return without any backward glance. Thoughts Once you notice thoughts, let them go gently through returning the focus into your breath. Never try to stop the thoughts for this would just make you feel agitated. You could imagine them as unwelcome visitors wherein you still acknowledge their presence yet would politely ask them to just leave. And then, shine the soft light of the attention to the breath. Emotions It might be difficult to settle into meditation once you are suffering with strong emotions since some emotions could breed stories into the mind. To deal with this, consider focusing on the body feelings which accompany the emotions. Let go of the said stories then refocus into the body wherein you are to honor the emotions but not being entangled into the stories. Enjoyment And the best thing to consider would be enjoyment. Just enjoy the idea of meditation. You could try sitting along with a hint of smile and be kind to yourself as well. Though for some meditation could be a bit hard and challenging, but if you are to be guided with best tips on how to meditate then you might end up loving the idea of meditation and the impacts it could provide.