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Grow your glutes with this cable Booty PARTY!

Grow your glutes with this cable Booty PARTY!
Your glutes are the biggest muscle group in your BODY! And if you want to make it a little stronger or sit a little higher, I’ve got  6 CABLE exercises for making that happen!

4 #edgebooty Band Moves You Need to Try!


Where are my EDGE girls at? There’s seriously no piece of equipment that’s more convenient and effective for toning anytime, anywhere! They’re perfect to toss in your gym bag, take on vacay, or keep at work for when you need a edgebooty pump!

Taking home workouts to a whole new level! BURN #2!

In today’s workout our focus is on glutes and legs glutes and legs!
I am back with another killer workout for you guys. In today’s workout our focus is on glutes and legs glutes and legs!
We have 7 intense exercises followed by a nice burnout set at the end that will have your buns burning.!!

Total Body Burnout Follow Along Workout. BURN #1!

Total Body Burnout Workout with Ingrid Romero

Tone from head to toe with this follow along work out! In this video series we will be taking home workouts to a whole new level! The center of these exercises will be focusing on specific target muscles done at a cardio pace to give you the best workout and the best results.

4 Sculpting Moves for Sexy Arms!

4 Sculpting Moves for Sexy Arms by Ingrid Romero
Hey queen! Today I’m sharing a brand new upper body workout to sculpt your gorgeous arms, shoulders and a bit of lower body. It’s definitely a scorcher, but you’re strong and I know you’ve got this!

Toned Arms + Booty Work Out Moves!

curtsey lunge by ingrid Romero
Today we’re toning your strong arms and booty with this two powerful moves! Grab a set of dumbbells and a medicine ball and crush 3 – 4 rounds of these powerful exercises.  Learn how to do the backside-boosting lunge variation.

Burn & Sculpt your body with this powerful move!

Mountain Climbers by Ingrid Romero

Total Body Exercise to Sculpt your body from head to toe. Mountain climbers are great for building cardio endurance, core strength, and agility. You work several different muscle groups with mountain climbers—it's almost like getting a total-body workout with just one exercise.

Bestie Workout ~ Total Body Routine To Do With Your Bestie!

partner workout, exercises by Ingrid Romero

Girl Squad ~ 5 Partner Exercises for a Fun Full-Body Workout

If you have a girlfriend with you, do the moves as shown below. Sweating solo? Totally cool! You’ll just pick one side of the move to start with. Do 2 – 3 rounds of the circuit below to tone every major muscle in your beautiful bod. Let’s go!

This exercise will set your body on FIRE!

frog jumps exercise by Ingrid Romero

How to do Frog Jumps?

Start in a standing position with your feet at shoulder width. Then lower down into a 3/4 squat position with your arms at your sides. Pause here for a second and get ready to explosively jump up and forwards about 2 feet. Jump up and land about 2 feet in front of your start position.

Top 3 Stability-Ball Moves!

Top 3 Stability-Ball Moves!

Don't just walk by your stability ball! It's one of the best fitness tools you can own, so put yours to good use with these incredibly effective exercises by our founder Ingrid Romero. Get ready to target your arms!


The Ultimate Booty Workout for Your Best Butt Ever!

The Ultimate Booty Workout for Your Best Butt Ever! by Ingrid Romero

Simple and effective, Top 8 exercises to tone and tighten your backside by our founder Ingrid Romero.

Squat to Kickback: You're going to feel a huge burn in your backside with glute kickbacks because this move actually delivers more glute activation than squats so we decided to combined both!. So get moving!

    My 1 minute AB blast with Gliding Discs!

    1 minute AB blast with Gliding Discs with Ingrid Romero!

    Try this simple but very effective AB BLASTER superset workout with glide discs. This is a great way to target your core section and it can be done anywhere. I am doing just one set but to really challenge yourself try doing three sets of these with little rest in between. Get ready to burn!!