Taking home workouts to a whole new level! BURN #2!

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Hey Everybody! I am back with another killer workout for you guys. In today’s workout our focus is on glutes and legs glutes and legs!

We have 7 intense exercises followed by a nice burnout set at the end that will have your buns burning.!!

*The equipment that we will need for this routine is: a set of Dumbbells that you are comfortable with, medicine ball , some water to keep yourself hydrated a towel and an open area for your workout.

So who else is excited to try my Total Body Burnout workout today?

Enjoy the BURN!

 I can’t wait to sweat it out together! Check in with me after on Insta #teamedgefam #edgesupps and let me know how amazing you’re feeling!

Ingrid Romero Online training Team EGDE


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  • It’s SO helpful to try new exercises and keep things fun! These are great !! Oxoxox

    Barbara Kris
  • Love all your work outs! Any one can do these! It’s all about how hard you push yourself too! Thank you for sharing!

    Brenda Bari
  • Love new workouts!! I always implement these into my routines 🔥

    Tawny Macias
  • This is so helpful! Thank you for sharing

    Sandi pierce
  • These exercises are so fire! I truly appreciate the way you are able to help busy moms workout and stay fit from the comfort of their home!


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