Total Body Burnout Follow Along Workout. BURN #1!

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Tone from head to toe with this follow along work out!

Welcome to my all new home workout video series BURN!

In this video series we will be taking home workouts to a whole new level! The center of these exercises will be focusing on specific target muscles done at a cardio pace to give you the best workout and the best results.

The program begins with different 30 second warm ups to get your body ready for the workout. We will be doing A total of 6 - 60 second intense exercises immediately followed by a burnout workout at the end combining large muscle groups and small. We will be going through a total of 3 – 4 rounds.

The goal is not a certain number of repetitions but to complete as many reps as possible within the time given! Pace yourself, have fun! And give it all you got!
Let’s get started! Today’s workout is a combination of Biceps, Back, Shoulders and your Core.

Here is the equipment that we will need : A Sandbag, a set of Dumbbells that you are comfortable with, some water to keep yourself hydrated a towel and an open area for your workout. If you don’t have the equipment being used you can always improvise with things you have around the house
water jugs, a gym bag filled with anything to give it some weight.

Be creative!  Like I said earlier, this is going to be intense, effective and fun!

Let’s Begin!

I can’t wait to work out with you! Remember to check in with us after on Insta #teamedgefam #edgesupps . We’ll be looking out for ya!


Ingrid Romero Online training Team EGDE


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