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Pre-Workout Pro
Pre-Workout Pro
Pre-Workout Pro
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Pre-Workout Pro

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About Pre-Workout Pro

Want to give your workouts an extra edge?  Take control of your energy and boost those booty gains with our NEW pre-workout formula Sex on the Beach! This extremely potent formula will give you the energy, endurance, and strength output you need to sculpt those curves into lean perfection. With an advanced combination of important B-vitamins as well as muscle boosting, energizing amino acids like L-Citrulline and Beta Alanine, this ultra-powerful supplement is infused with multiple super effective thermogenic compounds like Synephrine to make sure you burn off any unwanted fat in no time.

  • Potent Fat Burner & Energizer
  • Promotes Lean Body Mass
  • Improves Endurance & Strength
  • Delivers Hyper Focus and Alertness
  • Speeds up Recovery


Beta-alanine is used for improving athletic performance and exercise capacity, building lean muscle mass, and improving physical functioning

L-Citrulline DL-Malate 2:1

Usage of L-Citrulline DL-Malate 2:1 dilates blood vessels and increases blood and oxygen flow throughout the body. This supplement includes a 2:1 ratio of citrulline and malate.

Betaine Anhydrous

Betaine anhydrous is a chemical that occurs naturally in the body, and can also be found in foods such as beets, spinach, cereals, seafood, and wine.

  • Betaine supports liver function and detoxification
  • Betaine can help aid in digestion
  • Betaine can improve physical performance and body composition.


    Taurine is a type of amino acid found throughout the body. It is particularly concentrated in the brain, eyes, heart, and muscles. Unlike most other amino acids, it is not used to build proteins in the body. It is classified as a "conditionally essential" amino acid. Your body can produce some amount of taurine, and it is also found in some foods. However, certain individuals may benefit from taking a supplement. Those with specific illnesses or diseases, such as heart issues or diabetes, may also benefit from the additional taurine intake.

  • Maintaining proper hydration and electrolyte balance in your cells
  • Forming bile salts, which play an important role in digestion.
  • Regulating minerals such as calcium within cells.
  • Supporting the general function of the central nervous system and eyes.
  • Regulating immune system health and antioxidant function.

    Mucuna Pruriens (95% L-Dopa)

    Known as the dopa bean, this natural herbal supplement is an adaptogen used in Ayurvedic medicine that lowers stress, improves focus, boosts the libido and elevates mood. Mucuna pruriens contains high levels of naturally occurring L-dopa, which is the precursor to dopamine.

    N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine

    or NALT for short is a modified version of the amino acid l-tyrosine which has the additional active compound acetic acid attached to it. This combination helps with its accelerated bioavailability and absorption straight into the bloodstream when you digest it.

    This is very beneficial because it means NALT can begin to directly work where it’s needed, be it your

  • Thyroid
  • Stress levels
  • Cognitive function.
  • Acetic acid has its own benefits in relation to brain health and this is why NALT is fast becoming a very popular supplement.

    Synephrine HCL

    Synephrine is a naturally occurring substance known as an alkaloid that’s found in plants. As you would expect from a mild stimulant that increases energy expenditure, the main benefit of synephrine supplementation is faster weight loss.


    We made as many happy customers as many orders we shipped. You simply have to join our big family.

    Mix with 8 oz of water or your favorite beverage. Do not exceed 3 scoops. Does contain 200 mg caffeine per scoop.

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    • Potent Fat Burner & Energizer

    • Promotes Lean Body Mass

    • Improves Endurance & Strength

    • Delivers Hyper Focus and Alertness



    Can't find what you are looking?

    Pre-Workout Pro+Caffeine is a powerful pre-workout that will single-handedly give you a massive rush of energy in a single dose. If you are sensitive to products containing caffeine but want an even stronger boost, we recommend combining Pre-Workout Pro+Caffeine with our non-stimulant fat burner Thermo Slim Pro for maximum results!
    Synephrine is a naturally occurring alkaloid found in plants and chemically similar to ephedrine and pseudoephedrine. Synephrine alone affects the adrenal system and increases metabolic rate, and studies show it works synergestically with caffeine by increasing the fat burning and energizing effects of both compounds. Research also indicates that Synephrine raises the thermic effect of food, especially for women.
    Pre-Workout Pro contains the essential amino acids L-Citrulline and Beta Alanine, both of which help improve lean body mass and increase strength and endurance. L-Citrulline is a precursor to arginine, which in turn helps stimulate nitric-oxide production and thus increases blood flow to the muscle. Beta Alanine is an important part of carnosine, which is one of the most potent buffers against lactic acid build-up and thus forms a powerful defense against muscle fatigue. In other words, the combination of these two amino acids along with the energy-boosting compounds in Pre-Workout Pro will take both your workouts and your results to a higher level!