Transformation Challenge

Are you ready to get in the best shape of your life?
Do you want to look like a professional fitness model without stepping on stage?
Do you want to work out from the comfort of your home?
Do you want daily support by PRO athletes and others in the same boat?


“The Lean &Sculpted” or the “No gym No problem”

The “ Lean & Sculpted” and the “No gym No problem” challenges are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get in the best shape of your life...  in just 8 weeks! The programs were created and are personally overseen by world renowned IFBB bikini pro and coach Ingrid Romero, who will be there every step of the way to ensure you get the same top notch results as her personal fitness clients with daily interaction in our FB group, follow along and LIVE workouts !

This is an incredible chance for you to get exclusive access to not only daily fitness and nutrition coaching from Ingrid, but also endless motivation and support from an entire group of female peers participating in exactly the same program!

Watch this Video for Proof that our programs work for anybody…

Proof, Proof and more Proof, let me introduce you to our first challenge Edge winners!

And our first place winner is...Aprylle Beck!

This is what you can achieve with dedication, focus and the right workout program! Pretty incredible, right?

In 2nd place...Megan Harris!

Look at those abs! Congrats Megan, you did amazingly :)

In 3rd place...Michelle Palmore!

Michelle had a baby just six months ago, and now look at her! I know it takes some serious motivation to work out and eat right when you have young kids - Michelle, you're an inspiration!

Congratulations to all our hugely deserving winners, and to all of you for completing the challenge!

Remember that this is just the start - imagine where you could be in 8 weeks?

Choose your Challenge and Sign up here!

Do you want to get in the best shape of your life… in the shortest amount of time possible? Do you dislike traditional weight training and/or are looking to sculpt lean and sexy muscles while melting fat like crazy? Then this e-book is for you.

This intense 8-week program will rapidly transform your body and enhance your athletic performance with plyometric bodyweight exercises that require minimal equipment and time, and which can be performed anywhere! Sounds good? There’s more! To ascertain results that will blow your mind, this book even includes a comprehensive meal plan designed to set your fat burning oven on fire!

You will get an explicit 8-Week Workout Program that includes:

  • Fat Blasting HIIT Cardio Workouts

  • Tons of Plyometric Exercises

  • Yoga and Stretch Program

To top it off, you will get every tool needed to complete the program like boss:

  • Comprehensive Meal Plan & Food Index

  • Ingrid’s Healthy Recipes

  • Vegan Food Preparation Options

  • Complete Workout & Stretch Index

  • Full Supplement Guide


This book is perfect for both beginner and advanced athletes, although those with injuries are recommended to practice caution and/or modify the exercises due to the high-impact nature of plyometric training. You should be able to perform various jumping, throwing, and high intensity interval cardio sessions involving jump rope training to complete this program with maximum results.

Are you a busy woman whose fitness goals been put on hold because you don’t have access, time, or money for a commercial gym? No problem!

YES IT IS possible to get in crazy shape from the comfort of your home with minimal equipment and without wasting unnecessary time or money! This killer 8-week program will show that home training can be just as effective or even more effective than training at a gym – all you need is comprehensive guidance and the commitment to get it done. That is why this all-encompassing program includes not only a complete meal plan and workout plan to take you from 1 to 100…. we will also address and deal with each and every possible pitfall of your upcoming fitness journey before we even get started! If you’re ready for an amazing makeover program that leads the way to your ultimate success…then this is it!

The Regular Program includes 8-Weeks of:

  • Resistance Band Training

  • Basic Plyometrics

  • Cardio Intervals

  • Complete Workout Index

  • Full 7-day Meal Plan

  • Vegan Food Preparation

  • Options Mental Strategies for Success

The Advanced Program includes 8-Weeks of:

  • Resistance Band Training

  • Advanced Plyometrics

  • Kettlebell Training

  • Complete Workout Index

  • HIIT Cardio

  • Full 7-day Meal Plan

  • Vegan Food Preparation Options

  • Mental Strategies for Success


  1. The Advanced Version involves a bit more equipment; including but not limited to kettlebells, medicine ball, jump rope etc., and is suitable for those who would like to learn a variety of home based exercises. To participate in the program fully, it is recommended you don’t have injuries that prevent high impact exercises.
  2. The Regular Version only requires a simple set of resistance bands and your own bodyweight, which is ideal for those who would like to minimize equipment and/or save money. This workout program also involves less high impact exercises than the advanced version, although it is still recommended to practice caution and modification if you have any injuries that prevent such activities.

Depending on your preference, you can choose one or the other, OR perform them as one total program – which case you actually get 16 weeks of exercises!! BOTH VERSIONS ARE INSIDE THE PROGRAM

Proof, Proof and more Proof. Don't Take Our Word For It. Take Our participants words.


Look, I get it—you may look at me and see a glammed up fitness model with flawless makeup, a perfect body, and an ideal life. Well, I’m here to tell you to that there is more to all this than what people see in the highlight reel. In fact, you and I are probably more alike than you think. 10 years ago, I was overweight, unhealthy, and totally miserable....

...Watch My Story video! If I can do it so can you!

My Story - (Ingrid Romero) from Edge Supplements on Vimeo.

So what are you waiting for?

Sign up TODAY and change your LIFE!
I will be with you every step of the way!

ingrid romero has been featured in countless magazines


 You will get an explicit 8-Week Workout Program that includes:

  • Fat Blasting HIIT Cardio Workouts
  • Tons of Polymetric Exercises
  • Yoga and Stretch Program
  • LIVE work outs with creator and founder Ingrid Romero weekly to maximize results

To top it off, you will get every tool needed to complete the program like a boss:

  • Comprehensive Meal Plan & Food Index
  • Ingrid's Healthy Recipes
  • Vegan Food Preparation Options
  • Complete Workout & Stretch Index
  • Full Supplement Guide


Here's What You Get:

8 WEEK Training Program
Complete Home Training Guide & Full
Nutrition Program

Discounted Supplements backed by Science with over 45 main ingredients in our product line and 6 Patented Premium Ingredients.

Access to the EDGE Zone! Stay on track by joining our exclusive FB Group where you can ask questions, gain support, inspiration, follow along workouts with Ingrid and motivation from others.

 “Every pro was once and amateur, and every expert was once a beginner.”

The “Lean & Sculpted” and the “No gym no problem” plans are based on home based exercises that will get you in incredible shape without ever stepping your foot in the gym!


“The “Lean & Sculpted” and The No gym no problem Challenge Pack includes:
Explicit 8-week, home based training plan - Comprehensive 7-Day Meal Plan – Vegan and Non-Vegan options


Bonus 1: Live workouts from the programs with creator and founder Ingrid Romero (PLUS She always ads extra BONUS workouts to spice things up)

FB LIVE workouts and pre-recorded follow along videos with Ingrid so you are never lost.

Lifetime acces and 100% satisfaction guaranteed We will do challenge rounds where the winners will receive these amazing prizes!



What is different about the workout and exercise techniques in Ingrid Challenges?

It draws on Ingrid Romero's 12 years of fitness experience as a internationally-published writer and cover model, a fitness and nutrition expert and coach, professional athlete, active wear designer, competition bikinis designer, and founder of Team Edge Fam contest prep. You get a proven 8 weeks workout plan with new workouts added every single week. You only have to spend 30 minutes, 5 times a week to get super impressive results. You will be part of a global community that supports you and pushes you harder than you ever could doing it all by yourself!

What if the Challenge isn’t for me?

No problem! You’ve got a full 30 day money back guarantee. So if you decide the challenge isn’t for you, just drop me an email at within 30 days and we’ll arrange your refund. No hard feelings!

Will I be strong enough to start the Challenge?

YES! The more difficult movements are broken down with easier versions so the workouts are suitable for everyone - no matter what their current skill level Ingrid always shows variations of the exercises. You might not be fit when you start - but you will be when you finish!

Is this a subscription or a one-time fee?

There is no subscription or hidden fees when you purchase the Challenge. You only pay once when you sign up and you have lifetime acces!

Do I need any special equipment to do the Challenge?

A lot of the movements use your bodyweight only! These exercises are designed for you to do at home OR in the gym! We recommend you have access to a, some Dumbbells Resistance Band, Loop Band. An exercise mat and stability ball are optional, but alternatives will be given if you don't have these. If you’re missing any of this equipment, there are usually alternative movements you can do as a replacement! Ingrid will provide you with a link to purchase her favourite home equipment.

How do I know which workouts I should do after I have signed up?

When you purchase the Challenge, you will receive an email with acces to the private fb group. Then just follow the program, all videos and instructions are listed under TOPICS in our fb group - Week 1, Workout 1 etc! Each week you will find follow along workouts and every one consists of high quality and straight to the point video lessons, so you can see and hear what you have to do from Ingrid. There will be high-intensity routines and new skill training sessions every day, so you stay motivated throughout the whole program. So there's nothing you can do wrong after signing up. Just enjoy the guidance through the workouts and train!

Choose your Challenge and Sign up here!

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