Alejandra Santos

Alejandra Santos was born in Miami, Fl on October 8,1985. She was raised by her mom in Honduras. Sadly, her mom passed away at the age of 16 of cancer leaving her under the care of her aunt.

Her aunt, Sulma Santos, realized the importance of having a healthy lifestyle in order to prevent diseases therefore, she enrolled her at the gym. It was here when Alejandra Santos passion for having a fit and healthy life began.

At age 17 She decided

to move to Miami on her own to pursue a degree in Finance and Accounting. She studied at Valencia Community College, where she obtained her A.A. degree in Business Administration.

Shortly after, she moved to Virginia, where she obtained her B.S. at George Mason University on Finance and Accounting. She practiced Finance in New York, however with the economy crash of 2009, she returned back to Virginia in pursue of a better quality of life.

She continue to work as an Accountant, but in 2014 her passion for fitness grew stronger. In June, 2014 she competed at her first NPC show where she fell in love with the sport of bodybuilding. She moved to California on November, 2014 pursuing a career in fitness. She became part of Team Edge and has competed in a few NPC shows since then. Her passion for fitness grows every day, her desire is to teach others how to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

She is now pursuing her personal trainer certifications and starting a health coach business. Her vision is to become a health and life coach and continue her master studies in nutrition.