Barbara Ludwig

I’m a mother of an amazing 11 year old son, Jacob. I have a BS & MS degree in Environmental and Occupational Science and have worked for more than 15 years as a health and safety engineering specialist for a large aerospace company in the San Fernando Valley.

If I had to pick a few words to describe myself, they would be kind, driven and strong.  I grew up in a close-knit Italian-Filipino family and I cherish the values, passion for life, and work ethic that was passed on to me.

I’ve been active all my life. About 5 years ago, I simply felt like I wanted to do more. I started training with a personal trainer and after about 6 months to a year, I was amazed at how my body was developing. It wasn’t long before I started meeting people that were involved in fitness competitions.

When I came across the Team Edge webpage, and read all the amazing testimonials of women like me, it simply clicked.

I was able to relate to each and every woman highlighted on the team page. It was refreshing to find an amazing team of supportive women. Without a doubt, joining Team Edge was one of the best life decisions I’ve made.

The most significant change would have to be my self-confidence. I am very proud of my accomplishments as a professional and am very confident in that realm. But I’ve always had other dreams, creative outlets and ideas I’ve wanted to pursue. The discipline, drive and guts of steel it takes to participate in this sport is unreal. It’s given me the heart to try things completely out of my comfort zone.

I recently made a career change and am writing a new chapter in life as an entrepreneur.