Christine Ajisafe

My name is Christine Ajisafe and I am a Figure competitor in the NPC and a personal trainer. I’m originally from Nigeria, raised in London from a huge crazy family (there are 13 of us). Being from a big family makes me incredibly competitive and wildly protective.

I’m not necessarily the type of person one would expect to become a bodybuilder which probably shows persistence shouldn’t be underestimated!

I started training after seeing a 12 week transformation picture on IG. I was inspired and that day, that second actually I decided I was going to make some changes. The next day I went to the gym and that was the beginning.

My fitness journey has been so up and down. I’ve considered myself a failure more times than I can imagine. My coaches have had to pick me up and set me straight every step of the way.

I’ve discovered a new passion. I’ve really learned what it means to be persistent. What it means to stumble but to fall forward. I’ve learned not to wear my mistakes but to learn from them. I think prepping for competitions really shows you what you’re made off, maybe more than anything I’ve ever experienced. It teaches you that you’re capable of what you tell yourself you can do. Quitting starts in the mind and then travels to the body.  Every year being in this world teaches me more and more about self discipline and that’s absolutely priceless.

People often see this fitness lifestyle as selfishness and vanity but it’s brought me so many positive changes. More confidence, not in my appearance but my ability to take control of my own life. I’ve learned that I’m capable of SO much more than I ever thought I was.

More than that I’ve made so many amazing friends that I would have never met, people I understand and vice versa. Fitness has started me on a journey of self discipline, something I get better at as time goes on and learning this is nothing short of invaluable.

The amazing thing about this lifestyle is that you can be creative and the possibilities are endless. You can set goals and keep moving and changing them. There are so many other goals I have my sights set on. For now, I’m enjoying this life that I stumbled into.