Ingrid Romero

I am the founder of EDGE SUPPS, an Internationally-published writer and cover model, a fitness and nutrition expert and coach, professional athlete, swimwear designer and founder of Team Edge Fam (the hottest fitness competition team)

I am a MOTHER and a WIFE.

Like so many of the people I meet, I faced some adversity and challenges growing up. Rather than defeat me, they have become a source of strength and have helped me to become the person, professionally and privately, that I am today.

To give you a little history, I was born and raised in Spain near Barcelona and began modeling when I was 11 years old.

I had several stops along the way, but from the beginning, I knew this was what I wanted to do. My first stop was London, England. I thought I was going to be a model. As it turned out, I made sandwiches. My English just wasn’t that great.

After a year, the modeling career was going nowhere, so it was time to leave. I went back to Spain. Unfortunately, I did no modeling, and I gained 50 lbs. So much for that move! My next stop was Dublin, Ireland. That’s when things began to turn around. I began working in retail. In less than a year, I lost all the weight that I had gained and resumed my modeling career.

Finally, I was back on my career path…
Cancun, Mexico was next. I quickly became a very successful model. It was there that I learned my next hard lesson.
Cancun is fun, but success really requires a healthy lifestyle, and I was not doing that. It was time for another change.

It took a final stop in Los Angeles and some time spent with successful industry professionals before I realized that my own success would really require a healthy and balanced life, and it was time to take steps towards reaching my full potential.

As it so happened, when looking for a personal trainer I didn’t have to look too far. I happened to be married to one! My husband helped me focus, prioritize, set short and long-term goals, and successfully incorporate all of the components of appropriate nutrition, exercise and lifestyle. I was amazed at my progress and I decided to begin participating in fitness competitions. I did well in that first one and I was hooked.The competitions quickly expanded my modeling and acting opportunities, and provided me with national and international exposure. I’m incredibly grateful for that.

2012 Was a Huge Year For Me as I Became a Mommy of Twin Boys: Gianni and Nicco!

Fast forward to 2012 and I became the mother of twins! I actually competed at my last fitness competition when I was 2 months pregnant. I had no idea I was pregnant while on stage and found out weeks after the show. Frankly I was so fit and my abdominal wall was so tight that I didn’t show until I was 4 months, but from then on each day my belly grew bigger and bigger! I started experiencing pre-term labor symptoms at 26 weeks, and with contractions every 3 minutes, I went on bed rest on the advice of my doctor.

I maintained a healthy pregnancy the entire time and tried to remain positive, but once I couldn’t walk due to all of the extra weight, it got pretty hard. I went thru a lot during my pregnancy as my babies were born prematurely. On April 6, 2012, baby Gianni and baby Nicco were born via C-Section at 28 weeks. They were TINY but they were healthy, and their crying was the most beautiful sound I have ever heard.

We are happy and healthy now but it wasn’t easy… We spend 55 days in Intensive care!

Once Gianni and Nicco were home with us safe and sound, I quickly realized how important regaining my strength and energy would be if I were going to take care of them. I obviously wanted my pre-baby body back, but I had to make my little angels my priority. So implementing a system that would be easy for me to follow, keep me energized, and allow me to spend time with my babies was a MUST.

I did it, and I was back in my pre-baby body within 4 months!

Going forward, my kids need a strong and healthy mom, and you are in the same situation. Personally, every competition I will do from now on will have meaning, and every trophy I win will serve as an example to my kids of how hard their mommy works to achieve her goals. I’m so excited to share my pre and post-pregnancy experiences with you, and I hope that you will take the time to set, and meet, your own goals.

Thank You So Much for reading my bio!

Guess I’m a long way from that overweight girl. This next phase of my life with EDGE SUPPS is very exciting! Thanks to all of you who have helped and supported me along the way.