Jennifer Cardona

Born in San Juan Peurto Rico, since a very young age always love the sports.

Since I was 11 years old, I was in different teams of baseball, basketball and even track and field. I tried to play every single sport available to me at that time because I love it and I was really good in all of them.

I had a rough adolescence because as I grew up all my friends were boys and because of all the sports I started to look like a boy too. It was not an easy time because my parents were always fighting with me and wanted me to quit all sports. Making me super confused about what I was going to be when I get older.

One day watching TV I saw a commercial about a casting to represent my town in Miss Puerto Rico Universe. So I was curious about it and needing to do a change in my live I went to the casting.

They changed my look, had to take modeling lessons, learn how to walk in heels but for my surprise I ended up winning the show and representing my town at the prestigious Miss Puerto Rico Universe contest.

That is how my modeling career started. After that I competed in numerous beauty and model contest always placing top 5 and winning the best body award in almost every competition. I was always fit and in great shape because of my sports background.

I took a break from modeling and started to look for a job and finalized my degree in Psychology. I then begin to dance. So for 3 years I was working at a gym, training, studying, and dancing as a professional dancer for singers, hotels and TV shows.

Then I met my husband and he introduced me to the gym, he showed me a whole NEW WORLD! The world of bodybuilding. That’s when I found the Bikini class and I felt in love! It was perfect to me. At the beauty pageants they always penalized me for been too lean and fit. So the bikini division was the perfect fit for me. I first competed in my hometown PR and then I took the opportunity to travel to the U.S. to compete at a National level.

I recently opened my own business with my husband about healthy meals and sugar free with protein products.
I love to help people and be an example and motivation for others. Showing that no matter where you come from if put enough effort and dedication you can accomplish your goals.

When I’m not working or competing I like to go to the gym and get a good workout, it relaxes me. I also love fast cars I do road trips with my husband in our cars and we go to car events. At last but not least what I love most is to be relaxed at home watching movies with my hubby and my dog.