Katherine Ponder

Katharine Ponder is a California Native who loves all the sunshine she can get!  She is a nationally qualified bikini competitor and has many top 5 finishes under her belt.  She fell in love wit bodybuilding the minute she started prepping for her first show.  It brought her back to her competitive nature, since she had grown up playing soccer and softball all through high school.

However, with bodybuilding, she wasn’t competing against teams or people, she was competing against herself, which was her favorite part.

The notion of self-improvement and working towards improvement in all aspects of life is what keep her in the fitness world. Upon being an avid fitness enthusiast and health-food lover, Katharine spends her time working as a personal trainer, nutritionist and women’s posing coach.

When she’s not at the gym or in a hot yoga class, you can find her lounging by the pool with her two pups, planning her next travel adventure!