Marta Mielczarska

I grew up in Poland and moved to California three years ago. My dream was to study medicine and I was a pre-med major until I felt in love with fitness and realized I prefer to sweat at the gym than sweat over books!

Now I am a Kinesiology and Business major and I hold personal trainer certification. In the future I would love to be my own boss and have my own schedule while working with other people and helping them achieve their fitness goals.

A few words that best describes my personality are enthusiastic, perseverant, driven, competitive, and stubborn. I am dedicated to reach my goals and dreams and I believe everything is possible if you work hard for it.

I’ve been always active. I was dancing, I was a runner, and I was playing basketball since early age till teen age. In high school my activity decreased a little bit as the workload of my International Diploma program was pretty challenging and I developed eating disorders.

Struggling with Anorexia is extremely hard and everyone who suffers from it knows how difficult it is to get better and think clearly. I was hospitalized once and I was struggling for few years until the beginning of last year when I started lifting and went to a Muscle Contest. I saw all the beautiful Team Edge girls on stage and I just felt in love with an idea of competing. Joining Team Edge helped me clear my mind and changed my mindset. Now I know that my body and mind is 100% healthy and I have a great support of my husband, all the strong women from the team, and amazing coaches. Competing gave me a lot of confidence for which I will be forever grateful.