Nico Romero

My name is Nico Romero and I am happily married to my Brazilian queen, Sandra Santos. I am a personal trainer and I am the head coach of Team EDGE in Spain. I am also the owner and founder of a hair and beauty salon called NICCO hairdressers.

Growing up, I played many sports. Me and my sister, Ingrid Romero,were very athletic and competitive. We have it in our blood and it is in our nature.

For many years I’ve been competing in the Men’s Physique division. This journey started when I watched my sister on stage and I decided to give it a try as well. As a result, I found a way of life that I love living.

My wife, Sandra, and I are dreaming to live in the United States one day. With the help of my sister Ingrid and her husband Joe, we hope this dream will come true!