Summer Shred DEAL

Summer Shred DEAL

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Includes: Water Loss Pro, Preworkout Pro, Thermo Slim Pro, and Thermo Whey Protein

When you’re ready to go all in this summer, the Summer Shred is what you need! Compliment your workouts with a full range of products that will ensure you meet every one of your goals on time. Pre-Workout Pro will deliver an amazing boost of energy for those grueling full body sessions in the gym, while our popular Thermo Slim Pro thermogenic ensures that you burn fat for energy even after your workout. To replenish those muscles so no curves are lost, the stack also includes our delicious and the energizing supplement Thermo Whey Pro. Finally, for sexy fullness and visible abs, this power pack is topped off with our 100% natural but extremely potent diuretic Water Loss Pro!   

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